Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tax Gyan?
Tax Gyan is an online service to answer your tax queries.

Who answers these queries?
When you post a tax query online, one of our tax experts will answer it within 2 business days.

Do I need to be a registered user?
Not really. You can choose to ask a query without logging in. However, if you usually ask a lot of questions, it is recommended that you register and log in, so you dont have to enter your name and email everytime.

Can everyone see the query I asked? What if I have a private query?
By default, all the queries and their answers are posted online so that everyone can benefit from them. Normally, you are encouraged to keep your query general enough to be posted online. In case you want to include private details, please send your query by email at info [.at.] taxgyan [.dot.] com

What kind of queries can I ask?
Primarily, our experts answer Income Tax and Home Loan related queries. You are welcome to post queries on other taxes as well. Any of our users can also answer/comment on any of your queries.

What if I have a follow-up question to my query?
Once your query has been addressed by an expert, you can access it from the query URL included in your notification email or from the Knowledge Base. Under your query, there is a comments section. Here you can write any follow-up questions/comments and they will be followed up within two business days.

Will ‘all’ tax queries be answered free of charge?
Almost all tax queries will be answered for free. However, if the query is too complex, our tax experts may direct you to our premium service where you may wish to pay for the answer. The cost will be decided by our experts based on the complexity of the query and it will be answered after getting confirmation from you.

Is it more like a tax-related forum ?
Yes, this is a tax forum, but every question will be carefully examined by tax experts, who have a long standing in the field of tax planning, considering all aspects of Indian tax laws.

Can TaxGyan answer a tax query for any country?
Currently, TaxGyan can only support Indian tax laws.

Do you also provide personal consultation?
Yes, we do. Please email us at info [.at.] taxgyan [.dot.] com and we shall get back to you accordingly.