TDS Deduction
Rate Surcharge
Direct Tax Code- DTC
Tax on Overseas Tuition Fees Paid
Salary Income Tax AY 2012-13
Section 143(2)
Foreign Exchange TC Encashed
Authorised Capital
TDS 16A form
Section 54 LTCG for House
Filing of ITR
Sale Tax
How to Show Cash Gift in Balance Sheet
Rectification on Unclaimed Depreciation
Jointly-Housing Loan Installment
Penalty u/s 271B
Dividend from Mutual Fund Reinvested
Interest on Term Deposit
Important Direct tax
Income Tax Calculation
Digital Signature
Tax Audit
Refund After Tax Deducted Because of No PAN Number
Income Tax Rebate on Medical Operation Cost
Income Tax After Gift to Spouse
Tax on Capital Gains
Rate of Education Cess
Exemption from Long Term Capital Gain Tax
Salary Return
Clarification on Income Tax Rules
I Tax on Commutation of Allowance under CCS Pension Rule
Capital Gain
Loan for Purchase of House
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Wealth Tax
Best Saving Schemes
HUF Registration