(1)what will be the consequences, if tds has not been deducted on capital expenditure???

(2)if i want to give gift to my brother and his wife of amounting to Rs.2,00,000/- then what should i do??? gift deed is mandetory?

(3)can i issue more than one vat bill of less than Rs.20,000/- to single party in a day???

Admin’s Response:

Answering your queries in order:

(1) TDS is not applicable on capital expenditure.

(2) Gift deed is not mandatory. You may create any document which speaks of the intention of the donor and donees irrevocable action of gift.

(3) Currently, Tax Gyan experts only answer Income Tax and Home Loan related queries. Please refer our FAQ to know more. Nevertheless, publishing the query here to invite comments from other users.