We are registered at AP under VAT and CST act.
I have purchased some goods at New Delhi under CST tax at 2 %, and kept them with New Delhi Dealer itself.I have sold some of these goods to a party in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh does not have any registration and hence he cannot give any way bill or form to move the goods from New Delhi. New delhi party says that since he has sold large quantity and the qty to go to Jabalpur being small, he will not be able to issue way bill, since the Jabalpur party cannot give any C form.
Question is- Can I give our AP way Bill and move the material from New Delhi to Jabalpur by making a Invoice at Hyderabad with 14.5 % tax element. Material is at New Delhi, Can I bill it and move with our CST way BIll and move to Jabalpur. Waht is the procedure.

Admin’s Response:

Currently, Tax Gyan experts only answer Income Tax and Home Loan related queries. Nevertheless, publishing the query here to invite comments from users.